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Outbound Services

Dakota Performance Solutions Outbound Operations Division works with companies of all sizes. We establish sales performance solutions for B2B and B2C companies that seek immediate and dramatic increases in revenue. DPS has specific modules that fit certain customers but can customize the approach to a variety of projects. We continually analyze daily metrics and data to establish the long term ROI model.

Sales Generation – B2B Complex Sales Solution: There are a variety of ways to generate sales leads. Here’s the catch – some produce high-quality, high-value opportunities and some are just dead ends. DPS has a proven track record of delivering ROI focused consultative sales generation solutions for the complex sale.

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DPS consistently delivers measurable return on investment because we:

  • Find and qualify opportunities at the executive level
  • Deliver highly qualified leads
  • Prevent lost opportunities
  • Track ROI metrics
  • Fill the sales pipeline
  • Shorten the sales cycle

Lead Generation: We specialize in generating B2B and B2C leads when the sale is particularly complex. Our lead generation experts become an extension of your sales team, complete with the experience needed to identify, nurture and deliver the leads you need. In doing so, your sales people can focus on selling while we continue to build them a predictable pipeline.

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Sample lead criteria for Lead Generation:

  • Reached Economic Buyer
  • Stated business initiative
  • Clear need for your solution
  • Planned purchase time frame < 3 months
  • Formal budget
  • Scheduled appointment with sales person if necessary

Lead Qualification: Lead qualification prioritizes leads generated from advertising, direct mail, trade shows, web site or inbound calls. A missed lead is rarely a return lead, and response time is a critical factor in a potential client’s desire to do business with a company. We will contact prospects for you and guarantee that the appropriate follow-up has taken place. We will qualify all parties based on the criteria that are important to your business.

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We can help you:

  • Prioritize sales opportunities
  • Identify the correct decision-makers in the buying process
  • Discover the business and personal needs and how you can help
  • Initiate the beginning of a positive relationship
  • Ensure a smooth transition in the handoff process
  • Focus on highly qualified closed business

Event Marketing: Marketing such as webinars, seminars, trade shows, and web casts can be effective methods of reaching a broad prospect base in shorter time frame. For these events to be successful and contribute to your bottom line you need to drive attendance to the event and have effective post-event follow-up. It is critical that you get the right attendees and not unqualified attendees who will drive up event costs and drive down ROI. Contacting your target attendees directly is the only true and effective way to drive attendance while ensuring that you are getting the right people to the event.

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DPS has promoted countless events for our clients that succeeded because we focus on:

  • Targeting the best attendees
  • Intelligently managing timelines
  • Getting the ideal number of people to attend
  • Identifying the best regions and coverage areas
  • Contacting decision makers directly