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  • Objective analysis of your center’s performance, based on data collected from similar companies in and outside your industry.
  • Validated best practices based on quantitative and qualitative analysis.


  • Develop an accurate, quantitative understanding of the call center strategy and operational performance in critical areas.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvement and operational efficiency.


  • Planning and Defining the Research effort.
  • Gathering Data.
  • Aggregating and Analyzing Data, developing and presenting deliverables.

Asessment Deliverables:

  • Current State Operations Profile
  • Current State Technology Profile
  • Future State Recommendations – Infrastructure and Technology:
    This section will include:
    • A pictorial representation of a proposed technical architecture that connects business needs with the technical solution and creates a platform for external expansion and added customer service functionality.
    • Identification of applicable solutions that is available for contact center technology.
  • Implementation Strategy/Roadmap:
    • This section of the document will include the description of the recommended path to follow in order to successfully complete implementation of DPS’ recommendations.


  • Evaluate your current quality and assess “the customer’s voice” of the organization. Identify opportunities for leveraging quality feedback throughout the organization. Assess monitoring and coaching approaches and improvement opportunities.